Friday, January 8, 2010

Three Beautiful Things For the Week

I have been following the Three Beautiful Things Blog for several months now. It's a wonderful blog of appreciation that is so full of visual imagery, I would not want to miss it. I've decided that in 2010, I will describe, on Friday, I hope, 3 beautiful things that happened to me during the week.

1. Pixie jumped up on the couch and stayed standing, looking at me. This is rare since she usually lays down immediately. She put her head down on the top of the couch letting me know she needed to have her ears rubbed now.

2. I took a wonderful nap! There were no dreams that I recall, only sweet and blissful sleep!

3. I had lunch with a friend. It's been a couple of weeks since we were able to get together. It was so good to chat with her again at our favorite local restaurant. We smiled and laughed through the soup and wonderful bread that is served there. I am amazed that we are able to solve so many problems in 45 minutes.

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