Monday, January 18, 2010

Craft Hope - Benefits the efforts of Doctors Without Borders in Haiti

I think we all stood by in hopeless disbelief as the newscasts from Haiti showed the devastation of the 7.3 earthquake there. We saw the dead. We saw the injured. We saw the rubble of what once was a city.

Help was and is on the way. A new store on Etsy, Craft Hope, opened on January 14 to aid the legitimate charity: Doctors without borders. 100% of the donated items to the store will go to this wonderful organization to help the poor and devastated in Haiti. The only monies that will not go to the charity will be the Etsy and PayPal fees.

Artisans on Etsy are donating their crafts and wares. Here are some examples. I can't promise that these will be in the store when you read this blog because in 3 days, the store has had 280 sales and grossed over $4,000 for Doctors without Borders.

When I last checked, my vessel was still in the store. If you choose to buy this vessel, it will come with an 18 inch silver chain so that you can use it immediately. This isn't the only thing in the store. I'm only going to give you some of the samples of what is in the store. If you can, please consider buying something to help those in tremendous need in Haiti.

This print, called Hope Print, is currently listed in the store for $33. It's beautiful! Your money will buy more than this print. It will buy hope for Haiti.

This ring is amazing! It's made from silver and it's priced at $360. Even if you can't afford this beautiful ring, look around the store. There are so many other items to be seen. Haiti needs our help.

These beautiful earrings made from pearls and silver are called : Bloom.
They are gorgeous and priced at $30. Wouldn't you look great in these earrings? If you think you'd like something else, please look all over the store. You might just find that perfect gift for you or someone else.

Just so you, as I wrote this blog, there were 4 more sales at Craft Hope. Please consider adding to the sales totals. I would love to see this store exceed over 1,000 sales in a week. It will help! Please be as generous as your budget allows. Thank you.

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Wonderful Mallory - just wonderful!