Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Presenting Nell Stanley aka Fire Dancer Beads

Can you guess where I met Nell Stanley? On Facebook, of course!
She's a wonderful lampwork artist and jewelry designer! She's also a blogger.

Look at this beautiful bracelet!
I found the photo on her blog.
It was a gift for her mother-in-law who turned a very spry 81. What a fantastic gift! It is so feminine! She must love her MIL dearly! It is beautiful!

I found this pendant
----------------------------------> in Nell's Etsy Store--Fire Dancer Beads. Isn't it lovely? It's a very innovative design, too! I love it!

Look at these adorable earrings!
These are also in Nell's Etsy Store.
She does a great job, doesn't she?

If you are on Facebook, be sure to look Nell up. She's a great friend! I know you'll really enjoy getting to know her.


Manuela said...

Facebook is a good place to meet a lot of wonderful artists, isn´t it?

Linda said...

Hi Mallory~ I've nominated you for a Sunshine Award! Please visit my blog for all the information. Nominees are selected for inspiring positivity and creativity on their blog!
:) Linda