Thursday, January 21, 2010

Renee Wiggins--Artist, Supplies, and so much more

I made a visit to Renee Wiggins' website called Jet Age Studio. What a treat that was for me! Talk about exciting treats for the lampworking eye! Take a look at this frit------------------------------------------>!
Isn't it beautiful? It's called "Electron." It's a hand blended reduction frit from Jet Age Studio!

Oh, and there's so much more! But before we go into some of the other products featured in Jet Age Studio, I want you to hear what Renee has to say about herself.

"I took my first lampworking glass back in 1993 with Sam Sypolt (the Tucson folks may recognize that name best! ). Glass working became more than just lampworking to me, so soon after the lampworking experience, I started studying other methods to manipulate glass beginning with mosaic art, stained glass, then fusing. Fusing stuck with me for several years (and continues to be a chosen artistic outlet for me to this day), but in 2006 I decided to buy my first bench torch mainly to work elements into my fused work. I got bit by the lampworking bug again hard, and got back into making beads immediately. Getting back on the torch opened my eyes to even more glass manipulation techniques. I now focus on making decorative elements such as murrini, which I use in my own work as well as sell to supply other lampworkers."

Murrini, (I never know how to correctly spell that word!) Take a look at this!

This is only one sample of the many beautiful murrini's available from Jet Age Studio. I'm just drooling!
This one is called "O'Keefe." There are many other types of murrini on the web site to inspire you to greater levels of skill and creativity. Speaking of inspiration, here's what Renee has to say about inspiration.

"I get my color ideas and inspiration from so many sources; nature, the city, the desert, the numerous (too many in fact!) design magazines I subscribe to, and definitely other glass artists. I love to get out into nature; I'm an avid gardener so it's a natural "go to" for me when I want inspiration. My husband is a fine art painter, and his work always inspires me with how he layers his colors. We also belong to a local artist group and often have meetings just discussing art in general. Learning from and seeing how I can "adopt" some of their ideas from their disciplines into mine is always inspiring (and challenging). Knowing I still have so much more to learn about glass always keeps me wanting to 'do more'."

Renee is also a very talented bead artist!
Look at this bead! --------------------------------------------------->
Isn't it amazing?

There are more beads to see on the website. I particularly liked this one.

Now, one thing I have to tell you privately. In an exclusive interview with me, Renee admitted that she is "guilty" of some things. Yes, you heard right. Renee said she is GUILTY of certain things. Here's what she had to say about this. Remember this is an exclusive.

"I'm really guilty of namely wearing my pj's all day in the name of "art"...feeding the neighborhood kitties "unsolicited" table scraps and seeking recipes to "copy" ethnic cuisine."

Well, I tried. Renee is not only a talented artist, but she has a wonderful web site with great items to feed the lampworking soul. When you visit, be sure to visit her e-zine: JATO. It's really wonderful reading, and it's more food for the artistic soul.

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Shirley Cook - Jumping Jack Glass said...

Mallory, thanks for bringing Rene's work to your blog - very inspiring! Makes me want to ignore my fiber work for a few days and go fire up my torch!