Saturday, January 23, 2010

For Tanya's Heart - Aardvark Silver on Etsy and Artfire

100% for Tanya's Heart

Tanya Boden is an Etsy seller (Aardvark Silver) who is in desperate need of life saving surgery. Where she lives, she must pay for the surgery upfront. Please take a moment to read her story and/or shop her Etsy store.

See this vessel--------------------->
100% of the sale pirce will go to Tanya's fund for her heart. I am also including free shipping for all my vessels.

Tanya's story is told here:

You can also donate directly on her pledge page:
(I think you'll have to copy and paste to get to the link.)

I have 6 vessels in my shop. 100% of the monies from the sales of these vessels will go to Tanya's fund. Please check the causes link in my shop.

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