Saturday, January 16, 2010

Which Heart Would You Choose?

If you were to win my give-a-way in the One World One Heart activity, which of these two hearts would you like to win?

This is a "Sugar Heart."

Would you like to win
This heart------------------------->

It's a rich, organic, and winged off mandrel heart.

I can't decide. Can you help me?
They will both come with a steel choker so that they can be worn immediately!


Jeannette said...

They are both beautiful, but I loved the 'winged' heart. It looks as if it is melting, and who wouldn't want a little melting this time of year!


Doreen said...

These are both beautiful, but I especially love the Sugar Heart!

Kella said...

Hi just stumbled over your blog from the bead soup party links.

The second bead is a sure fire winner, its beautiful.

Linda said...

A hard choice. Either would be lovely!

TesoriTrovati said...

Sugar heart.
But both are lovely.

mary clare said...

Both are gorgeous, but the wearing of the sugar heart would be limitless.

Cindy said...

I cannot decide! I love them both!!