Sunday, January 31, 2010

The World's Favorite Food - Popcorn!

Well, maybe not the WORLD's, but I consider popcorn to be one of my favorite meals and/or snacks.

When the kids were little, we often feasted on a supper or lunch meal of popcorn and granny smith apples. Delicious!

I also love to try different things with popcorn. If you go to, do a search, there are a lot of popcorn recipes.

How about making a Popcorn Cake? It's sweet and chocolate. Sounds absolutely wonderful!

Anyone up for Rocky Road Popcorn Truffles? Those sound wonderful, too!

Anyone up for Cinnamon Sugar Popcorn?

Look at these Popcorn Nachos. Who would have thunk?

Now, I have to try this one--Popcorn Salad. That looks very intersting.

Chili Taco Popcorn sounds like it would go great with the football game.

I could go on and on. This is a wonderful site for many different types of recipes, not just popcorn. However, for me, it was worth the tour.

What do you think? What's your favorite way to eat popcorn?


Paula C. said...

My favorite way is to have Parmesan cheese and black pepper on it. Yummy! I will have to take a look at those recipes and maybe try something new =)

Pretty Things said...

After working in a movie theater in high school, and ordering in refrigerator boxes of bagged popcorn (ye-UCK), I can't eat it anymore.

Unless it's coated in sugar and chocolate, that is. Like Poppycock.

Maggie said...

Yum! An ex-boyfriend used to dump a box of milk duds in our popcorn when we went to the movies. They would soften and it was like eating caramel corn only better. The chocolate made it all the more special. Great now I have a craving!

Paula said...

I love popcorn especially with Parmesan cheese....Ooh but I'll have to try Maggie's way sometime.