Tuesday, February 17, 2009

A Fabulous Mankato Artist - Laura Veenhuis

A small resturaunt opened in North Mankato a while back. The name of the resturaunt is Christie's. When you walk into Christie's, not only are you impressed with the ultimate cleanliness of the eating area, you are struck by the awesome works of art on the wall. These paintings, and other types of art, were created by two of the waitresses in the cafe. I will feature one of these fabulous young women today. Her name is Laura Veenhuis, and such a talented artist she is!

Now, let's look at some of the fabulous works of art that have come from the mind, heart, soul, and hand of this young woman. I almost forgot to add that you can view more of her work at MN Artists

This image is titled "Tormented #5." I don't know who the model is for this masterpiece of artwork, but the artist truly has portrayed a woman in torment. Notice the details in the photo: the stitching on the shrug, the simple jewelry, the pensive look of the woman's face. All three of the paintings you will see, are hung together on one wall. The look of the wall is dramatic and astounding!

The title of this masterpiece is "Tormented #1." Look at the aging woman. Her earrings and her glasses are reflective. The wrinkles on the woman's face show the struggles of her life. You can't see the cigarette in her hand, but she is smoking one. The nerves and anxiety of this woman cause the aging in her face. She is pensive and concerned. What a stunning work of art!

This work of art is called "Tormented #2." Again, I'm looking at the details. This woman looks in a new direction. See the minute details of her person. Can you see the detailed pattern of her scarf, her earrings, and her hat? Look at the troubled face she is showing to the world. Why is she tormented? What has happened to this woman of color to cause the anguish in her face? Where is she going? What will happen to her next?

This was just quick tour of the art available at Christie's in North Mankato. Laura is one of the fabulous artists whose work you will see when you go in there. When you do go in for some of the fabulous food they serve, stick around a bit and talk to Laura. You'll not only get to see her art, but you'll get to know the artist, too.

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angelinabeadalina said...

How cool is that? Laura, your paintings are amazing! It would be fun to walk into a restaurant and be able to talk to the artists themselves. What a great way to support local artists-- giving them a selling venue and an opportunity to meet lots of people while they wait tables. Pretty sweet deal when you need a job to support your art habits! (Can you tell I'd go back to my waitressing days in a heartbeat if there was a Christie's around here?)