Sunday, February 15, 2009


Let me first begin by apologizing. I lost (I guess I hit the quick delete button, AGAIN, or something) two of the photos that were sent to me. Not only that, I don't know who sent them. To you wonderful unknown artists, I'm sorry. I screwed up.

Now, to the challenge. About 3 weeks ago, I posted 2 pictures of my lava lamp. I love my lava lamp! Here's one of the photos. I'm only going to post one because both photos were the same with just a slight difference in color.
I then challenged anyone who chose to do so, to send me a photo of a work of art that they created using this photo as an inspiration. I assumed that the photos would be of glass works, but any thing could be sent. I did receive one drawing. I lost it. I'm sorry.

Here are two of the 4 responses I received. Again, I'm sorry to the unknown artists.

This photo is from Diane. She's ddbeader on Wet Canvas. I looked at the links from her signature there. Wow! I'm impressed! In addition to managing a web site, she has two other blogs, Diane's Watercolors and Diane's Water Color blog! They are amazing places to visit. But wait, she doesn't stop there, she also has an etsy store and an artfire store. I got tired just from visiting all these places! I don't know how she does it! Be sure to visit her blogs and stores. Wow! You won't be disappointed. Amazing!

These two images were submitted by Louise Ingram, another WC friend. She's also known as
Fire Seed glass. Louise is well known for her monkeys. Just remember, you want to monkey around, Louise is your gal for that! Check out her great stuff!

Louise is another artist who wears me out! She also has an artfire store and an etsy store. You've got to go and see her monkeys! They are just great! I am the proud owner of one of her two faced monkeys, and it's a fabulous addition to my collection! wow!

Thank you to everyone who sent me an entry! Next challenge, I'll make sure I'm much more organized. Have fun and enjoy these stores and websites!


Louise said...

Thank you for including me Mallory ;oD
Diane - I love the blobbly lava feel of your dots I can almost see them moving around on the bead!


love the lavalamp theme...
mona & the gaffer girls

angelinabeadalina said...

Terrific lava lamp interpretations!

Studio Marcy - Marcy Lamberson said...

I've always wanted a lava lamp. Maybe I should just get a bead instead.