Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Bits and Pieces of My Creative Journal

I haven't forgotten the challenge! I will develop a blog on that very soon.

I have been a person to journal since I was a teenager. I have kept regular journals in which I have poured out my heart and soul, especially when I was in the midst of teenage drama and angst. I have kept gratitude journals. I have kept journals for work. I kept journals to document the quilts I made. I journaled in college so that I could fulfill requirements for class. I have written poetry journals! Whew! I truly believe that there are so many ways to journal that I could spend days keeping up with each one, if I kept as many as I did in my younger years.

I thought you might be interested to have a peek into my most recent type of journaling, that is creative journaling. I keep a special journal by my bed to write down and draw the ideas that pop into my head at the oddest times. I write my journal only when I have something to write. I don't date the entries. I just go back and look from time to time. This does give me some insight into what is developing in my brain.

Here, I was trying to develop different heart beads for an exchange, and I was trying to figure out the steps I needed to take to make a bead with a rosebud on it.

These are some of the entries that I have made when I have been trying to develop exotic and exciting names for beads and sets.
This was just a train of thought. Pumpkin ----->Thanksgiving Turkey ----------> grapes! I'm not sure how the grapes got into this, but they must be related to the harvest season. Most of these entries have taken me no where, at least, not consciously. My drawings are simple and one dimensional. (Oh, dear, what does that say about my brain? Kind of scary, isn't it?)

However, when the flow of ideas begins, I like to let them flow. In the end, it doesn't matter what is in the drawings, what matters is that the creative juices are flowing and venting.

Do you journal?


Deb said...

How fabulous to take a peek inside one of your journals Miss M!
My creative journal is currently scraps of paper scattered about the house - I guess it's time for a game plan!

Louise said...

I LOVE new notebooks! I could start a new journal every day with a nice new notebook! ...but no... I'm hopeless at keeping a journal up. I too tend to scribble on scraps. Just yesterday I was sitting in the car doodling goddess beads - now where is that piece of paper??? Good question!

Sue Choppers-Wife / http://www.1000markets.com/shops/ninedragons said...

I'm not a dedicated journal keeper but I do it when I have to get organized.

I don't think 1 dimensional drawings have anything to do with your brain...it's mostly just a germ of an idea and you're saving the other dimensions for the real thing, if it's a good enough idea :)

Paula said...

I know it's a great way to keep your creative ideas organized but I've never been one to journal. I'm the post-it queen...they are everywhere.

angelinabeadalina said...

Mallory, that is really cool! Here's hoping we someday get a peek at the poetry one, too :)

LOL, Deb! I like Mallory's slightly more organized approach, too. I never can keep up with a journal, though. Forget about it, lose it, you name it. Buy another notebook, eventually the same happens. I used to make it a habit to at least write the date and a list of things on it for each day. . .occasionally I run across one of those and marvel at what is the same and what has changed.

missbreezysbox said...

I started a journal about a year & half ago. At first, I only had a entry every other month. I have gotten down to at least once a week. I started it for positive only journaling as suggested by my brother who gave me it. It does me wonders.

Carol Jean / Lovethemsteiff said...

Hi Mallory, I love to do this too! Very creative, and sometimes years later, you can find a really good idea that you forgot. Take care, Carol Jean