Saturday, October 20, 2012

Just a small Experiment to Share with you

No, this is not something that will cause me to blow up my house.
It's an experiment in glass.
I set up some rules, and I wanted to see what the results would be.
I'm really pleased.
I made 7 focals using these rules.
The rules were these.
1) Use a base of white glass.
2) Add a bottom layer of dark ivory.
3) Encase the white glass with a transparent color.
4) Roll the hot glass in raku frit.
5) Make one swirl on the front and one swirl on the back.
6) Add 3 dots on one side and two on the other.  Use transparent colors for the dots.
The reaction of  the frit on the transparent glasses surprised me.

The first focal was made with transparent gray glass.
I like the way the raku frit reacts with the gray.
The blue bead on top is just pretty to me.
It felt like everything went well.
The grape bead with the red dots reminds me of a kid when grape and cherry were my favorite colors and tastes!!  I like it.

The green bead is gorgeous!  I love the way the greens came out in the frit!
The pink bead next to it surprised me.  I thought the pink would be darker.  There wasn't much of a reaction with the glass. 
That's okay, I do like it anyway.

The bead on the bottom left reminds me of a honeycomb.  
The frit reacted well and blues came out in the flame.  
I added black dots.
Normally, those aren't my colors, but I liked this bead.
The red bead is one of my favorites!
I dotted it with green glass.
It just seemed perfect for the seasons.
I liked the way blues popped out of the frit.

I am hoping to list these in my Etsy store soon, 
stay tuned!


Laney Izzybeads said...

Loving the experiment. I am not much of a frit user, but raku is the one I like when I do. Love the honeycombe bead best x

Lois Moon said...

Just beautiful. The clear glass gives so much depth to the colors.

Sharon Driscoll said...

Those are very cool Mallory - and what a unique technique.

Kokopelli said...

Like the experimant! The blue one is my fav and I like the color combo in the red one with the green dots. Beautiful!