Thursday, October 4, 2012

You Can't Yell at Her! It's Her Birthday Today!

Happy Birthday,
Pixie Marie!
Here's Pixie with her birthday cupcake!

She could hardly believe her eyes when she saw her cupcake!

Of course, I had to take off the dangerous stuff so she could eat her cupcake!

Her cake is ready!!!

Pixie starts on her cupcake!!!

She decided to carry it to the middle of the living room floor.

Here's what's left of her cupcake,
on the living room floor.

She's happy,
you can't yell at her, 'cuz it's her birthday!!!

Happy birthday, Pixie Marie!!!


Kokopelli said...

Happy birthday, sweet Pixie! I hope that cupcake was delicious and made the day special for you. o<:)

TesoriTrovati said...

Happy day Miss Pixie! May you have all the head scratches and dog bones you can take today!
Enjoy the day.

A Half-Baked Notion said...

Happy birthday, Pixie... I see you already know all cupcakes are tastiest when eaten off the carpet! Yum!