Monday, October 1, 2012


Oh, what a day!!!!

I got to meet Hannah and her Mom at the 
Multiple Myeloma Run.
Hannah has 140 feet of Beads of Courage beads.
Hannah is an amazing young woman.

The Runners and Jenny
Bobby, Jenny, Nick, Katie, and Sara!

 Sara was running for Jenny and Dan.

The Cheerleaders
Esther, Mary Clare, Andy, Will, Paula, me, Jenny

Even though we weren't running,
Mary Clare and I crossed the finish line first!!!

Katie crossed the finish line first!!!
She really was the first of the team to cross the finish line!

Nick and Bobby were next to cross.

Sara crossed the line next.

Sara was carrying 2 strands of BOC beads in her pocket.

These are the beads that went to the run.
The rest of the runners carried them across the finish line.
These beads will go to 
Beads of Courage this week!

All in all it was a great day!!!

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