Saturday, October 13, 2012

How Many Steps Does it Take to List Murrini On Etsy?

1) Open listing page on Etsy.
2) Fill in the first question:  Who Made it?
3) Answer:  I did.
4) Look at Pixie who is looking at you with eyes of love.  Stop and rub her ears.
5) Read:  What is it?
6) Answer Supply or Tool
7) Read: When did you make it?
8) Answer 2010-2012
9) Categories:  What is it? Glass
10) Look for socks.  My feet are cold.
11) Find socks and put them on.
12) Wait, is that a bead under the bed?   How did that get there?
13) Okay:  Glass - Bead - Lampwork
14) Pictures.  I thought I took pictures.
15) Take pictures.
16) Edit pictures.
17) Did I close out the photo program?
18) Open photo program.
19) Export photos.
20) Upload photos.
21) In a minute.  Does Pixie want her ears rubbed?
22) Rub Pixie's ears.
23) Does Pixie need to go potty?
24) Take Pixie potty.
25) Where was I?  Okay.  Upload photos.
26) Add a Title.
27)  Pixie, what should I name this murrini?
28) Mango?  Okay Mango Murrini.
29) Add a description.
30)  Hmmmmmm.  Did I wash my jeans for tomorrow?  I really like these shoes!
31) Put jeans in the washer.  Turn on washer.
32) Description added.
33) Rub Pixie's ears.
34) Tell Pixie I love her.
35) Select Shop Section.
36) Add tags, oh, look at these beads!  I forgot I made them.  How did they get here.
37)  Pixie do you need an ear rub?
38) I wonder if I should buy new shoes?
39) Add tags.
40) Check other listings for tags.
41) Pixie, no butt sniffing!  Such a naughty girl!
42) List Materials.  Easy
43) Pixie, do you want a treat?
44) Pixie, do you want an ear rub?
45) Laundry is done.  Put jeans in the dryer.
46) Add Price.
47) Shipping Profile.
48) Pixie, move over.  I don't have any room on the bed.
49) Add Shipping Profile.
50) Preview listing.
51) Publish listing.
52) Oh, look, shoes!!
53) Mango Murrini Click Here.

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