Thursday, October 18, 2012

Pssstttt! Wanna' Know a Secret?

Etsy changed their search engines

So how are you going to find handmade lampwork beads now that they are all mixed in with vintage beads and (shhhhhhhhh) imported beads.  I've heard that those don't really exist on Etsy and that they are all handmade.  Right!

This list is thanks to Amber Van Meter of Naos Glass and Jewelry Supply on Etsy.   You've seen her work on my blog.  She is an amazing artist!!!!!

Here's her list for searching on Etsy to find true handmade lampwork glass beads.  I emphasize HANDMADE.   She posted this list on Lampworketc

handmade lampwork beads
lampwork beads
lampwork beads sra
handmade lampwork beads sra
handmade glass beads
handmade glass beads sra
lampwork glass beads
lampwork glass beads sra

Just type in these words in the search box.  They will help you to find the handmade artists who sell their lampwork beads on Etsy.

Thanks for your support, and shop Handmade.  

Oh, the Eye Guy, you can find him HERE.  I guarantee, he's handmade!!

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