Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Some of My Favvorite 10,000 Sculptural Bead Artists!

Feel free to Visit these Etsy stores.
You won't be sorry.

Let's start out with Right Turn Art Werks
curated by Sharon Driscoll.

See this elf?

 He's a great little guy?
Wouldn't you like to find him under your tree?
to find him. 
Look at this realistic pine cone in 
Studio Marcy's store
curated by Marcy Lamberson.
to find this great sculpture.

Look what Lauren made!!
I love this little owl.
This is in Maybeads shop curated by
to find this little guy!
How about this T-Rex from 
NLC Beads
Curated by Nikki!
to find this little guy.
I love these artists, and they are some of my top 10,000 favorite bead artists!!

1 comment:

Maybeads said...

Thank you so much, Mallory! My owl is in wonderful company!