Saturday, October 4, 2014

Awesomeness:: Day 4:: Happy Birthday, Pixie Marie!

This is so AWESOME!
5 years ago, a retired greyhound named Pixie came into my life through the Minnesota Greyhound Rescue.  I had applied with another group for a hound.  They told me to download their application, and that I should mail the application in soon.  I would probably have a dog by the end of October.  (This was early September.)

So, I went to the site, and found that I could fill the application in online and submit it there.  So, I did.  Turns out, I had applied to the wrong group.  This was in mid- September.
However, the AWESOME part of this accident of fate was that I had adopted Pixie Marie and had her by the first of October!!!

How AWESOME is that?  So, it was only a matter of days before we celebrated first birthday with her at home! (This bone was a gift!)


 Before Pixie came to live with me, I googled the name Pixie.  The site this name search sent me to, well, let me say this,  I added the Marie.  (Trust me, what is seen cannot be unseen!) 
Then the AWESOMENESS began.  

 Pixie began to train me well.  She chose her couch.  I am still not allowed to sit on it.  She decided that sleeping in bed with me was not what she wanted to do, except on the coldest of nights.  She taught me that she had her favorite foods and treats.  She loved her birthday cupcake, and she gets on every year!

Other than that, Pixie Marie and I seem to get along quite well, as long as we do what she wants.  She's a great friend!  I've learned so much from her.

If you're tired, why not go to sleep?
If you're not tired, why not go to sleep?

The bed is big enough for the both of us, if move over.
I'm not moving, but you are!

I love cupcakes!
You can buy them for me any time you like.

Don't be late with my dinner.
I will live with kitties, but make them leave me alone.

Yes, life is all about me.


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