Thursday, October 2, 2014

31 Days of Awesomeness:: How Can You Say A Rainy Day is Awesome?

We woke up to heavy rain this morning.  Not only that, the rain was cold!  I dreaded going out in the rain to walk Pixie, but it was a necessity and it was time.  Pixie had to go!!!

Long pants on.  check
Warm Sweater on.  check
Shoes and socks on.  check
Umbrella.  What? No umbrella?

Oh, well, it was off into the rain we went.  Pixie was not happy, but she was quick.  We were back in the house in no time at all.  We were both soaked to the bone which required a towel for Pixie to dry her off, and a complete change of clothes for me to dry off.  I slipped back into my jammies. I added warm socks and slippers, and a thick warm robe.  I Love a rainy day!!!

Having grown up in the New Mexico desert, I learned to love a rainy day.  To this day, having moved to Minnesota where there is usually ample rain, I still love a rainy day.  Books get read.  Special food gets cooked.  (Today I made chile!  Hit the spot!)  Beads are made.  Pixie and I cuddle while I catch up on TV programs that I recorded for a rainy day.  And it rained all day!!  Perfect!

I have more great memories of rainy days than any other day.  I was married on a rainy day.  When the kids were small, we'd make tents, have picnics and camp out in the house on a rainy day.  We'd build forts out of sheets.  We'd eat popcorn and apples for supper and watch TV.  (Homework was completed quickly on those days.)  I'd crochet.  We'd read.  (Some things never change.) Sometimes, the kids and I would even sneak outside for a few quick jumps in the puddles, then, it was bath time and time to read before bedtime. 

When the kids were older, we'd make our favorite comfort foods.  We'd sit and eat pizza, play games, and talk.   I heard their dreams and sorrows.  Once in a long while, we'd even build a fort and eat apples and popcorn for supper.

Now that they are adults, they love the rain, too.  They've told me that they love to hear the rain as they go to sleep.

So, a rainy day!  Another bit of  AWESOMENESS!!!

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TesoriTrovati said...

It is all about appreciating the little things. Something that can turn you sour can be so brightening if looked at in a different light. Thank you for that! Enjoy the day. Erin