Wednesday, October 1, 2014

So, it Begins:: 31 Days of Awesome! Today, the Simple Blessings

31 Days of Pure

I hope to share with you the PEOPLE & THINGS I think are::



The Simple Blessings


"Even in the simple things, the blessings will blind us with their joy or be hidden from our sight.
We must choose to find them and be grateful for each blessing!"

Each morning brings new sights and sounds.  Each day brings a new beginning, a renewal.  What we didn't see yesterday, we can see today with the clarity of morning.  All we need to do is open our hearts to these blessings.  Even in our darkest times, a return to the simple, the ordinary frees us from the complications of our daily lives.  The simple awareness of the smell of a good cup of coffee, focusing on the taste of homemade jam or jelly or filling our lungs with the scent of the day:  these are the simple, ordinary blessings in our lives. 

Each blessing can be a fleeting moment to enjoy or an hour to savor.  Having time to spend with our families, our children, our friends, opens a door on to which we can cling or release.  Each moment in these specks of time can be frozen in our thoughts to reopen when the flowing waters of blessings seem distant and far away.  Not everyday can be a day full of overwhelming joy.  Life is not that way.  In each life, in each time, there is both joy and sadness, elation and disappointment.  Life is balanced.  There are mountains to climb that seem to reach into heaven.  There valleys so low that the human spirit is challenged to its limits.  Yet, even in the darkness, there is good.  The darkness which we feared becomes the sacred darkness of night that allows us to embrace that which we feared and rest in the softness of sleep, ready to restore and refresh us for the newborn day.   

When the ordinary becomes the blessed, then we can revel in the simple which opens our senses and our hearts to the day.  The burden becomes lighter.  We are able to travel further on less.  When a leaf on a tree makes us smile at the wonder of nature, then we begin to see the blessed in our days.  When we open our hearts to the ordinary, the simple becomes blessed.  The song of a bird, the fire of a sunset, the sigh of a child: each of these blesses us even on dark days.  As we open our eyes, we find the
that reminds us that our journey here is filled with more than we can hold in our thoughts, in our hearts, and in our desires.  Stop.  Breathe.  Then move on with your day. 

I challenge you!
Embrace the blessings you find.
Write down your blessings and savor the memories.
You will find yourself growing in 

"Every day might not be good, but every day has something good!"
Deb  Batten

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