Monday, October 27, 2014

Day 27:: 31 Day Writing Challenge:: We're almost there!

The critters are almost finished.  (There are four of them finished now.)

This is Chesterton.  He's had quite a life so far.  He's been around for a short while.  He's fully feathered now.  That means he's an adult.  Soon, he will need a new home.  Think about it.  You'll like him!

This is Cheech!  He's an aging flower child.  His flowers are fading and broken.  The 60's were way too much for him.  His eyes are swirling, too.  I think it's time for him to retire.  What do you think.

This is Giselle.  She had an accident and broke her foot.  She's fine now, and her foot is healing nicely.  The cast will stay on for a while, but she is fine. 

This is Rosie.  She's a sweet little thing.  She sings softly.  She preens herself softly.  She's a sweetheart.
What do you think.

Here's a group shot.  What do you think?  Like them?