Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Day 15: 31 Day Writing Challenge:: AWESOMENESS:: More on Beads

I know that for everyone,
is not found in making beads of any kind.

Creativity comes from using the beads,
painting the beads,
using beads in jewelry.

Others find the 
of beads
just by looking at them,
touching them,
collecting them.

For me,
I am happiest when 
I make beads.

I find that to be an
AMAZING activity.

Look at these polymer clay beads.
I used copper leaf on the outside of the beads.

I made these beads using copper, too.
This time, 
I mixed the copper 
INTO the clay
before I made the beads.

Look at the sparkles!
I love both effects.

Do you see what I mean?
I find this AMAZING

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Sharon Driscoll said...

How can there be no comments - those are awesome beads!