Friday, September 11, 2015

In Loving Memory...

September 11, 2001

A day never to forget.

Massive casualties.

Trails of destruction.

Families separated forever.

One minute checking email.

The next minute
seeing the face of God.

Today, I remember what I was doing when the first plane hit.

I'll never forget, and I was hundreds of miles of away.

Heroes, all of them, that tried to stop the insanity.

Condemned to death by a radical few.

God, forgive them.

God, help us to forgive.

We stop and remember for a moment, in silence, then reading the names of those who were lost.

Is that enough?

We think of those who worked in the sludge of destruction,

Seeing things they should never see.

Feeling their desperation, when they couldn't save the dead.

Give them strength, Lord.

There were those who went back in to help and never came out.

Give their families strength as they remember again and again.

Can we forget what happened on this day?

No, and we shouldn't.

Can we forgive?

Forgive, yes we should.

We have to forgive or it eats us up.

God Bless America!

We'll never forget!

God protect America!




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