Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Worth Repeating Wednesday: What Would Pixie Do? Why Dogs Can Be More Sneaky Than We Are...

You're at the vet with Pixie.  A person comes in with her dog, but you don't like the way this person is controlling her aggressive dog.  The dog just growled at Pixie.
What does Pixie do?
Pixie quickly sniffs the other dog's butt,  then, as she is walking away,
lifts the owner's coat and sniffs the owner's butt.
The owner thinking it is her dog who stuck her nose up her butt,  reprimands her dog whom she can't control.
Pixie, now at the other end of the room, just smiles her Pixie smile.
No one suspected her!
That's what Pixie would do.  

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