Thursday, September 3, 2015

What is She Doing with All that Garlic? I think I'll stay AWAY from her!

Yes, that's a lot of garlic, but that was only 1 of the 5 heads of garlic I bought.
I said I bought
heads of garlic,
not cloves,
5 bulbs of garlic.

I do have a plan.

A friend of mine on 
has become quite the person to know for her gift of fermenting.

I have watched her knowledge and experience grow in the last few months when she started to brew her own kombucha.

If you don't know what it is, simply put, kombucha is a fermented tea said to have probiotic qualities.  I love it, but it's very expensive to buy.  I hope to make some soon.

As I read Celine's page, I saw that she was going to start fermenting garlic in honey!
There is no medical evidence to prove this, but there are claims of faster healings from viral infections since garlic has a great deal of vitamin C and honey has antibiotic properties.
There are some concerns about botulism with this fermenting, but from what I read, if it happens, it's very rare and usually related to improper fermenting practices.  It does happen.  I am making no claims about this as being good or bad.  I only know that I am going to try this.

When it comes to cold and flu season, I do have a mixture I use to help me at the first sign of a cold, and it does help.
I make a hot tea of lemon juice, raw garlic cloves (anywhere from 3-5 big cloves), and a teaspoon of honey.  I drink many glasses of this in the course of a day, and it helps.
So, what I am going to do is this because there really isn't a recipe per say.  It's just how much you want to make.

I thought I would have waaaaaaaay too many garlic cloves for the size of the jars I bought.  What you see in the picture is one bulb of garlic.  It filled my small jar.

I bought some local honey, because that was recommended in the posts I read.

I added the garlic and poured in some honey, and I sealed the jar.  You are supposed to leave about 2 inches of room for the fermenting to expand.  I don't think I did in this small jar.  I'm considering moving the contents to the larger jar I bought. 

Now, it will take one month for this to ferment.  On October 2nd, I can open the jar and use its contents.

I guess the color of both the garlic and the honey will change to a rich, nutmeg color.  

I'll keep you posted.

In the meantime,
I'm going to have garlic breath!

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