Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Worth Repeating Wednesday: A Love Story Worthy of the Mistake

Yes, I was grieving for Spike, my dobbie of 13 years, but I knew I needed another dog in my life. (I think he had something to do with this!)  The day Jenny and I took him in to the vet, I sobbed.  Even now, I sob for the loss of that dog.  He had been with me through some terrible times in my life, and he gave me his unconditional love.

After Spike had been resting for about a week, I was talking to a friend about a new dog.  I told her, "I think I want a greyhound."  I was stunned.  Where had that come from?  I hadn't thought of a greyhound since we had our beautiful Bailey, who had died from lymphoma a year and  a half after we brought him home.  That was a wound that had not healed.  I had sworn no more hounds!  So, where did that come from?

I went online to look at greyhound rescue groups.  There are 3 in Minnesota.  I called one group.  I was told to download the application and send it in.  They would evaluate my application, and let me know.  They also said that they would have to do a home inspection.  Okay.  I remembered that from Bailey.   I went online, and to my delight, I found that I could submit the form online!  I filled it out, and waited until the end of the week.  I received a call from the Minnesota Greyhound Rescue.  Yes, they were glad I had submitted my application.  Could they come and do a home visit?  Had I looked at Pixie?  She was a dog that needed a special home, and they felt that mine might be the one.

Yes, I had seen her, but she looked a little strange.  Oh, don't worry about that, she just didn't want to have her picture taken that day.  Okay.   How about if we arrange a get together?  


Better yet, how about if I bring her to Mankato, and if you like her, you can keep her.


We are now into two weeks post Spike.  Kelley was coming to town the next week.  Would I be available?  Of course!

The van arrived and three dogs got out.  When they came in, two of the dogs jumped on the couch and love seat.  Kelley asked if that was all right.  Of course.  Are you sure?  Yes.  The third dog just looked at me and made herself comfortable on the floor.  In the meantime, Kelley and I talked a bit.  She said, "Do you want to keep her?"

Wow!  Of course!

So Kelley loaded up the other two hounds, and Pixie looked at me.  She was a big suspicious.  Kelley left, and I ran around getting out food and water dishes.  I had some left over food from Spike, so that was good.

I remembered what Ceasar Milan had said about welcoming a new dog into the home.  Take them for a walk.  Be calm and assertive.  I put a leash on Pixie, and she looked at me like, "What are we doing?"
I took her for our first walk together.  She had no idea of what to do, but she seemed to like it.  We came home.  I showed her the bed on which she would sleep.  She jumped on the bed and went to sleep.
The next morning, she woke me up.  I think she needed to go potty.  I woke up to a cold nose on my face and those beautiful eyes staring into mine, and she nipped my nose.  Whoa!!!  That wasn't supposed to happen.  Little did I know, she was a diva!  So, we began to learn about each other.  I never felt from her the affection I had felt from Spike.  Pixie was more aloof, but she loved a good ear rub.  She loved people!  She liked other dogs.  She loved to run.

About three weeks into our relationship, I received a call from the greyhound rescue.  They called to let me know that they hadn't received my application yet and wanted to know if I was still interested in a greyound?
What?  That's right.  I had applied to the wrong organization!  But things were so right, because, I had Pixie.
More on our love story later.  It's been almost 3 years now, and I have to admit, she does own my heart!!!

Chapter 2 will be coming up next week.  Pixie and I did become friends.

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