Thursday, September 24, 2015

I couldn't Find My Rock, and I wanted to Blog about that, so, I'm showing you some of my most worthless pictures from the last two weeks!

If a picture is worth a thousand words, I've got a lot of words not said here.

1) I watched this big, fat squirrel take a nut, bury it, and dig it up again, only to start the process over again and again and again.  

2) Pope Francis is visiting our country now.  I won't get a chance to see him in person, so I made a mini Pope Francis out of polymer clay.

3) Pixie was sleeping on the floor.  She doesn't care that Pope Francis is in the US.

4) I was trying to get some cute shots of Marvin.  He would have nothing to do with it.  He refused to look at me no matter where I stood.  This was the best shot of the bunch.

5) Fred was guarding what he feels is his chair, however, it is my chair.  Once in it, I will not move.  The same goes for him.  The rule is first in.  Last out.

6) My feet were cold.  Fall is here.

7) Fall is here!  No more shaving legs for a long winter!

8) I washed my socks and they didn't dry completely.  They are hanging on the hangers to dry.

9) I bought new slippers tonight.  I bought some very warm mucklucs.  I love them!

10) I took a picture of a sink because we need a new one.  I have to take this with me to go pick out a new sink and faucet.

11) This is just a picture: Fake hands and an empty quarter pounder box.

12) These are eye shadows, both matte and glitter filled.  I'm going to experiment with them next week when I go back to clay.  My wrist is feeling much better.  I knew it needed a rest.

13) The camera slipped out of my hands as I was taking this picture.  It's really kind of cool!

14)  I didn't realize I had put this one into the collage again.  See #8 for a description.

I will continue my search for my rock.  I will blog about it next week.  
I guess you can see my life is very low keyed and uninteresting.  

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Sharon Driscoll said...

Here is something we used to use to resolve chair issues at our house - "Move your feet - lose your seat" Now you just have to figure out how to lure him out of the chair...Bawahahahaha!