Sunday, September 6, 2015

Well, I Hit the Post Button, but I forgot to enter the Date and Time to Post, so, I'll Show You What I did This Weekend...

 I played with 
Yesterday, September 5, was the official feast day of
Blessed Mother Teresa of Calcutta.
She is my patron saint this year.
I decided to make a small likeness of her in clay.

I love sculpture.
Faces are not the greatest, but I think I did a fairly good job on
Mother Teresa.
She was fun to do!

 I also had time to make a pendant,
and it's big!
I wore this to Mass on Sunday.
We had a visiting missionary priest who really liked it.
I was thrilled!
The words on the pendant say,
"Peace begins with a smile."
These words are Mother Teresa's words.

Peace begins with a smile.
Smile at someone today.
You might make them feel good!

Remember, it takes more muscles to frown than to smile.


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