Saturday, September 26, 2015

Thoughts on a Saturday

The curtains don't let in the early light.
That's a time of day for which I am known for getting up.
I sneak into the living room and open the curtains,
on the horizon,
I see that squeak of light.
The outdoor lights are dimming,
but the moon is still 
round and strong.
It's almost a full moon,
but not quite yet.

The cats blink their eyes as they see the light.
Fred moves over to the window where he finds 
He sits looking out at the early morning critters.
He simply rests.
He doesn't move.

I snuggle on the couch, but I don't turn on the TV.  I don't want to wake Pixie.
She'll want to walk right now,
I'm not ready to get dressed and go out.
Besides, it's raining a little.

Marvin has already managed to cover his eyes and shield them from the early morning sun.
He's going to sleep for a while yet.

Wait, I was wrong. 
Pixie heard me, but all she wants is for me to get off of the couch so she can sleep there.

I slip down to the floor with a warm blanket and pillow.
It's too late, and I know it.
I'm up for the day.
I hear Marvin snoring.
Fred is still watching the sun.
Pixie, well, she's up for a walk.

I throw on my jeans and a coat.
It's cool enough for a lightweight jacket.
Pixie and I walk and walk and walk.
Good thing the Pope will be on TV shortly.

When we get home, I give Pixie her treats and her food.
She's happy.
Her thirst is gone.
Her belly is full.

Fred is still relaxing and gazing outside.
He is looking for the sunbeam,
but so is Marvin,
they both manage to fit into that little beam.

I moved onto the chair that Marvin vacated to find the sunbeam.
It's warm with my blanket.
I turn the TV on low to watch 
Pope Francis' visit in the US.
The commentators are talking.
They make no sense.

Suddenly, I wake up.
The Pope is speaking.
It's been a nice nap.
For a short time,
life was simple.
Problems were easily solved.

Now, Fred is hissing as Pixie goes by.
Marvin is sitting quietly waiting for his food.
The day has begun.

Happy Saturday!

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