Monday, April 11, 2011

Okay, so I'm a Little Bit ADD

Yes, I am.
I've seen the signs myself.
I look at my Etsy store, and it's full of so many different types of products from beads to head pins to metal charms to sets to focals.
I've read that the most successful stores on Etsy sell similar items.
My store has so many different things,
people might get a little confused when they try to find a similar line of products.
If you look at my home you're going to find a similar scene.  
The furniture is a eclectic mix.
I own a mix of wall art.
My children's photos are my treasures.
Their art work from childhood adorns my walls, too.
I have southwestern art.
I have boring art.
I've hung my paintings upstairs.

I have quilts that I made in my quilting days. They tell stories that only I know.
I have mobiles I made.  I have  mobiles other people have made.  I sleep in a purple bedroom which is next to a bright green hall.
I have chairs I have painted with huge polka dots and bright colors.
I have a country style kitchen.
The kitchen table and chairs are made from heavy wood.
Pixie's couch is a more modern version of furniture.
The dining room is formal.
When I relax, I read.  I make lampwork glass beads.  I work with wire.  I work with metal.  I make jewelry.
That does sound a little ADD to me!
However, even though I think it is,
I remember a gift I was given as a child by one of my teachers.
It was, not only, a gift, it was a passion for learning.
I try what is new.
Sometimes, practice makes perfect.
Sometimes, it doesn't.
So I move and try something new.  
I have a passion for writing.
I have a passion for bead making.
I have a passion for learning.
I've learned life is too short not to grow and move.
Okay, I'll say, that's right, too.
Passion for learning?
Without a doubt.
I only wish I could thank the teacher who gave me this gift,
who encouraged me to try new things
and forget the fear of failing.
I learned it was all right not to totally succeed.
I learned that my passion would be my saving grace.
So, whomever you were,
whenever you were,
Thank you!




Jen V. said...

Great post!!! I love it when a little lesson that someone taught me ages ago flits to the front of my mind and makes me realize that life is good!!!!

Anonymous said...

i feel the same way about myself, but i love to work with so many things. i just love it!