Monday, April 25, 2011

Cindy Lynn Glass - Great Beads on Etsy

When you look at Cindy Lynn Glass on Etsy, you are going to see some great beads!
That's just a part of the journey!
Some of the most creative beads you will see are her ballon animals.
This little guy here is one of my favorites.
He's called Laguna Blue.
What a fun pendant Laguna would make!
There are other balloon animals, but he's my favorite!
Cindy makes lots of "purty" beads, too!
Look at this amazing bead!
It's called:  Dressed to Kill, and it is!
Cindy used your basic black and added blue and green dichroic glass.  Gorgeous!
This Passionate Purple is richly organic.
This would make a beautiful focal for a necklace!

Crazy, Wild, and Whacky is the name of this bead,
it is!
I think this would be the great start of a summer bracelet!
I don't know,
what do you think?
I do think, though, that Cindy Lynn Glass is a great store to shop for beads!
Make sure to visit.
You won't regret it!

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