Thursday, April 21, 2011

Weekly Photo Challenge - Lines


Lines intersect and form a pattern.
Some lines curve.

Some lines become ends and points.
Some lines become triangles.
Some lines become circles.
Some lines give the illusion of movement.

Remember that math you said you'd never use again?
Guess what!
It's all around you.
If you make jewelry,
you look at the lines.
If you make beads,
you look at the lines.
If you have children and comb their hair,
you look at the lines.
Now, I can't help but see lines where I look.
What do lines become?
If you look at the first photo again,
you can see a work of abstract art.

Where do you see lines?



cool Mal ..

happy happy Easter ..

headed home .. hope you have a wonderful chocolateY day filled with lots & lots of love .
love mo & the girls

rosebud101 said...

Thanks! Back at you!

Beadwright said...

GREAT POST!!! Love the way you moved the lines. You are right they are every where and in everything we do.

rosebud101 said...

Thanks, Nicole! Lines are everywhere, including the grocery store, etc!

Sharon Driscoll said...

You've got an artistic brain buddy! I love milk crates - and hate milk, go figure. Like cows - LOL. Does this have anything to do with lines. No. But I'm using a lot of "lines" to make this post : - ).