Saturday, April 2, 2011

Did you Know...

That I'm having a 50% off sale in my Etsy store until tonight?
50% off of everything in my store, and it will end tonight!
Purchase what you want at 50% off.

I'm also having a bead giveaway!
I can't have any more on Facebook,
so all you have to do to win this bead
is to leave a comment here.
Easy Peasy!
I'll post a reminder on Facebook.
That's allowed.
So shop till you drop and enter to win this bead.
I'll choose a winner on Sunday night.
I'll announce the winner on Monday.  Leave me a way to get a hold of you  in case you win!
Oh, about the bead,
I made it using Gaffer's Blue Chalcedony.
It was hard to photograph, and it sure is pretty!
Be sure to send pictures when you use it, and I'll post them in the blog.
Happy shopping!
Be sure to leave a comment to win!


Shyme said...

Lovely bead!I am constantly discovering new bead blogs to read an as just am beader I keep drooling over you bead makers lovely work!

somethingunique said...

Wowza 50% off how generous of you i'm heading over to shop asap thanks for the savings ttfn L:)

Noemi said...

I already know what I would do with that bead.
Please count me in!

Mellisa said...

Such a pretty bead...I have so little lampwork, so this would definitely find a place of honor in a special design!

Jesse said...


Melody said...

Love that bead, looks like the ocean on a windy rainy today here on the North Oregon coast!