Monday, April 18, 2011

Making Roses Then and Now

Since I was a child,
I have loved roses.
Roses grew wild in the backyard where I grew up.
My grandmother had a climbing rose that she cherished.
When I first started making glass beads,
I knew I had to try and make a rose.
I waited until I felt confident enough to begin doing some sculptural work.
Then came my first rose.
In truth, I thought it was really good.
I even made one and gave it to a friend for her birthday.
She loved it!
She thought it was good and so did I.
Lately, I've again felt the urge to make roses.
I like these roses, too!
So, what do you think?
Here's my first rose.

Notice I even tried to add some shading.

These are my new roses!
I truly like all of them!!
What do you think?


rosemarie h. said...

I love your roses! Of course, I may be biased - being named Rose and all...

Seriously, your roses look very intricate and lovely.

Maggie said...

Your roses are lovely Mallory! What an improvement from the first, always a good feeling. Have you figured out how to design jewelry with them yet? I'll be looking forward to seeing you work some of these up.

CharmN Jewelry said...

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