Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Bead Table Wednesday - The Charming Exchange

She started it!
 Heather Powers, of course!

So, since you are reading this tomorrow,
I am writing this yesterday,
I'll show you what my bead table looked like yesterday.
I have to give you a little history about The Charming Exchange.
In January, Deb Batten and I decided to co-host a charm exchange on Lampworketc..
It didn't take long for packages full of charms to start arriving.
A few people dropped out along the way, but most of the participants have sent their boxes to me.
Enough of the history.
A friend, whom I shall call, Paula the Enforcer, is coming over tomorrow to help me sort out the charms.
However, before she and I can do the final sorting,
I am doing a presorting.
By that I mean, I am recounting the charms to make sure my initial count was correct and I am checking to see if postage for the return of charms was enclosed or not.
In order to do that, I had to move the charms from the "Charming Table" to 3 two x four foot tables.
You'd think that would be enough room, right?
Well, it's going to be close and the "Charming Table" might still be used.
Take a look.

This is what the tables looked like after about an hour of sorting.
I decided to take a break and come back to finish later.

These were left after the first round of sorting

Plus mine!
I have to add some some business cards.

This is what the tables looked like after the second sorting.
Now, I've only got a few left, and I can finish those tomorrow.
They won't take long.
Don't you wish you were here to touch and drool over the charms?
Te-he!  I'm lucky!
Soon, the bead tables will be empty, 
I am truly hoping everyone will be happy with their return charms.
I wish I could show them all to you,
but that would be another VERY LONG BLOG.
The good news is that I will show you my charms after the exchange is finished.
See you next Wednesday with the results, I hope!

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Maggie said...

Wishing I had joined in the exchange. Maybe next time! I would love to be there to help you drool over, I mean sort, all those charms.