Saturday, November 1, 2008

Freaky Friday Challenge on a New Zeland Sunday

The time has arrived. Deb Batten, of FirebirdFlamework on Etsy, has already posted her challenge, and, truly, it is awesome! I love Deb's totem! It truly reflects her and her attitude towards life! She did a great job combining colors and techniques. I have to admit, I was very impressed! So, now, it's my turn.

My totem was nothing I expected it to be. I worked with a very limited color palette. I was shocked at that! This totem took a life of its own. I feel that the glass, as it melted, dictated the shape and size of each bead. I didn't have any drift wood on which to mount my totem, but Deb suggested that glass is a natural element. Perhaps, she suggested, that would be a good base for my totem. It was. My only error was that I didn't make my base big enough. I had to balance my totem against a background.

Now after all the ado. Here is my totem.

I took this photo in front of my microwave, and since I was part of the reflection, and the totem is a part of me, I decided to use this photo.

Here's another shot of my totem using a different background. There are many parts to my totem.

At the top of my totem is my desire for peace in the image of a dove. Underneath the dove is my representation of air. Next comes water. Then comes fire. After thta we see the footprints on the sands of time. Underneath the sands of time is the symbol of the bear who is strong and sturdy.

Last but not least is the eye of God, always watching us and taking care of us.
That's it, my totem.

Next week's challenge

All right, Deb, are you ready? Here it is.

Here are two shots of the same painting. In case you are wondering if I have the artist's permission, yes, I do. I painted this picture. I took two photos of it in different lights to show the different undulation of the colors and shapes.

So what do you think, Deb? Make a bead using this painting as inspriation. The size and shape of the bead don't matter. Just use this for inspiration. Next week it's your call. Oh, and Ang, I was going to use your idea of "What's in your refrigerator", but the problem is that I didn't clean out my refrigerator and I need to do that. With any luck, the next time it's my turn, I'll have cleaned out my fridge.

Also, for those who would like to join Deb and I in our challenges, we'd love to see your work. Anyway, here we go. We hope you look forward to next Freaky Friday!


Deb said...

Your totem is fabulous Mallory - I love the way you have included all of the elements.

I think you put a lot more thought into yours than I did with mine - I kind of went with the flow, or was that got carried away in the rapids? lol!

I'm looking forward to this weeks challenge - it looks fun!

angelinabeadalina said...

Ms.M! What a terrific totem with all the elements of the earth and heavens! Your color palette works beautifully with your theme! I like :) :) :)

P.S. Heehee, I hope no one ever decides to use my fridge for inspiration...too many little dishes of leftovers that didn't get thrown out right away!

Lisa said...

I love it Mallory! You guys are so creative...I hear you on the fridge too. :)

Right Turn ArtWerks said...

That is a fabulous totem Mallory. I love totems. But then we all know what a symbol freak I am. Cool painting too and I'm loving your choice of colors.