Sunday, November 23, 2008

I'm Shopping Till I'm Dropping on Etsy!

I hate to say this, but I am stuck on glass artists! I will try to find other types of artists to feature as I shop Etsy, but, dang it all, I love glass!

We're off to visit Bead Towne owned and operated by Maggie Towne. Maggie is the queen of discs! Take a look at these yummy Crocus Discs. OMG! Aren't they beautiful! Maggie used a glass called crocus. These just look so warm and spring like. I think it's something we need to remind us that we are headed towards spring even as winter decends on us. Love that color, and Maggie's discs are great. What fun to use in jewelry!

Didn't I say that this would be a wonderful trip?

Here's something that all of us can use--Zero Calorie Chocolates!

That's my kind of chocolate! Nummy! These pieces of candy look good enough to eat!

Now, don't think that this is all that is in Maggie's store. Take a look at this shell. Maggie makes wonderful sea shells. This one is no exception!
It's made with precious River Rock Glass, and it's stunning! Didn't I tell you she could make great shells?

On a more whimsical note, check out this set of discs and "ladies." Who would not want one of these? Think of the possibilities. Wow!

Before I forget, Maggie also has a blog. Check it out! All right, I am now officially tired. I might take a break from shopping for a couple of days, but I'm not sure. It's so easy and convenient to shop from home. We'll see. We shall see.

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Maggie said...

Thanks Mallory! I need to check out the other shops you have been visiting.

I've been doing some holiday shopping on Etsy. Love knit scarves and handmade soaps.