Friday, November 21, 2008

I'm Shopping Etsy Again!

Today, I'd like to take you to visit Susan Jones Designs on Etsy. Susan is one of those artist that when you look at their work you sigh and say, "If only I could do that!" I was fortunate to meet Susan at the Bead and Button show last year and at Civic Fest in Minneapolis this past summer. Susan is a talented artist, and an amazing person. I don't think I've ever met anyone as calm and collected as she is!

Take a look at this bead which is located in Susan's Etsy store. Isn't this bead amazing? I love Susan's use of color and design. Think of the possibilities when using this bead. It would look stunning on a chain. You'd truly be the center of attention.

This bead, called Solar Winds, is also in Susan's store. What an outstanding example of stunning wearable art! Make sure you check this out.

This bead is great, too! I love the name that Susan chose for it: Sonny and Shard. Susan uses shards, murrini, and dots to make this bead another masterpiece of wearable art.

The title of this bead is Zoo Plankton. Amazing, isn't it? Each piece of Susan's art demonstrates skill and control over the glass media. Her colors are bright and colorful, yet, they are controlled to maximize the beauty of the bead. Take a good, long look at her store. You won't be disappointed.

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