Sunday, November 16, 2008

Kim Westad: Ceramist

Whenever I shop on Etsy, I come to appreciate the value of handmade versus machine made. Oh, yes, there are some handmade items on which the artist must use tools and machinery, but the items are still handcrafted by the artist or artisan.

Today, I found a shop called: Kim Westad: Ceramist. This find is an astounding find! As I shopped her store, I found items that, literally, took my breath away because of the fine craftsmanship and unique quality of the item.
One of the many items in her store is this breath taking ceramic wedding cake. You can see this item and more in her store. Amazing!

I also found this fantastic Swirl Dish in Kim's Etsy store, too. Oh, my, her creativity is fantastic! I love the looks of this dish. Fabulous!

This is another sample of Kim's work. It's an ornament. It has the look of soft silk, and, yet, it is geometric and an item that can be used all year. I love it!

Be sure to shop Kim's store for your holidaze shopping! You will check off all the people on your shopping list very quickly if you shop in Kim's store.

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