Sunday, November 30, 2008

I'm Shopping Etsy Again!

All right, I'll admit it. I'm stuck on glass! So, as I shop, I look for glass, glass, and more glass. I found it, again, today.

Paula, of Paulanc, on Etsy is another wonerful bead artist. I "met" Paula in cyberspace in the Glass Art section of Wet Canvas, in the thread that used to be called The Newbie Thread. The name has been changed, but that's another issue. Anyhow, I quickly came to realize that the people who posted in this thread were anything but newbies. I was amazed and impressed by their skills and talents. Paula was one of those artists that jumped right out at me. She loves animals, and her current work reflects that. (BTW, you can find these pieces in her shop on etsy.) Take a look at this.

This little guy is named "Bennet." He's adorable!
Wouldn't you love to have him on a pendant? What a cutie pie Bennet is!

Did you know it's good luck to find a cardinal in your Christmas tree on Christmas morning? (Well, at least that's what I've heard. I have yet to find one.)

Meet Carrie! What a cute little cardinal she is. Wouldn't she make a great pendant or an ornament for your tree?

Now, Duke, here, reminds me of someone else I know who loves to wear bling! Isn't he the cutest little dog you've ever seen?

And last, but not least, is Howie. What a sweet, little puppy he is! Wouldn't you love to own him?

Well, you've seen some of the items in Paula's store. Go make a visit, and see the rest. She's a very talented bead artist. She also makes Etsy her home.


Paula said...

What a nice surprise! Mallory - thanks for featuring me in your blog you did a wonderful job! We need to talk about you doing my marketing. : )) Thanks again!! Paula

Maggie said...

I am such a fan of Paula's. Not only is she as creative and talented as can be when it comes to sculptural beads, she is one of the kindest hearted people I know.

Deb said...

Paula's store is fabulous Mallory - I took a peek. Love the animals.

Right now I'm even more thrilled that I am able to post comments, without changing browsers, again....I hope ;o)