Thursday, December 20, 2012

It's that time of year -- I clean!!!!

It hits a few times a year, usually, right after Christmas as we wait upon the arrival of the New Year.  
This year, the urge to clean the nest,
to make room,
well, it hit a bit earlier, and I do love the results.
I often find some special treasure I had forgotten.
There was no exception as I began to clean a closet yesterday.
Tucked inside a box was a bag of polymer clay pendants I had made almost a year and a half ago.
I couldn't torch for 3 months so I began to learn a bit about polymer clay.
Here's what I found.
I listed these in my Etsy Store.
The ginko leaf is a symbol of hope.
I made this leaf with gold clay and a touch of mica powder.  
Isn't this fun to find what you were doing over a year ago?
Here's the link for this leaf.

I call these little birds,
Glitter Birds.
There was glitter in the clay I used to make them!
Wouldn't they look sweet on a nest with small eggs under them?
Pearls would make lovely, little eggs.
Here's the link.

This leaf reminded me of weathered barn wood.
It's called
Weathered Wood Ginko Leaf.
I added a touch of mica powder to it.  I like the way it looks by itself, but you could add some small charms to complete the pendant.

This bird reminds me of a bird carved from weathering wood.
I am amazed by the way polymer clay mixes.
Some of the combinations are very interesting.  
If you want to see more of this little bird 

I had to smile when these leaves and little birds came out of the box.
It was an enjoyable way to spend a bit of time when I took a break from cleaning.

What treasures do you find when you deep clean?


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