Saturday, December 29, 2012

More vessels for the vessel exchange

Well, not all of these vessels will go to the exchange.
You'll see some of my mistakes, too.
This is a big, fat vessel.  It's huge, but I'm not sure it's going into the exchange.  I'm not sure it would ship without breaking.  It's a blown vessel with a twistie added.
We shall see on this one.

I like this vessel.
It's going into the exchange.  I like it!!!

I wanted to show you the size differences.
See what I mean?  That big one is HUGE!!
Not sure!!!

I don't think so.
It collapsed and I added way too much glass for the handle.
It's already in the garbage.   It wasn't even salvageable.

Not sure on this one. 
I honestly don't like it.
Probably not.

Not sure on this one, but it's part of my Antiquities series.
We'll see.
There's no top for it.
I am assuming that the top was broken through the ages.

This one's in my Etsy store right now.
to see it!
Her name is Sophia!

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Sharon Driscoll said...

I LOVE the blue one from the Antiquities Series. Yup! Look at the work of Anvil Artifacts and Fanciful Devices - I bet that piece would fit in there beautifully. Or, Ornamental.