Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Jujees Jewells - I discovered a Great Store on Etsy!!!

Now, I don't buy jewelry often, 
but I did from this store!!

I bought some earrings!
Well, all right, I'll show them to you, but you can't have them!

Aren't they gorgeous?
Like I said,
they're mine and you can't have them!!!
However, she does have many wonderful items in her store.
Check this out!

How about this beautiful bracelet?
Click HERE to learn more about it!
Julie calls it Christmas, but with the red, I'd wear it all year!!!

Julie calls these 
White Sugar Bead Earrings.
Click HERE to learn more about them.
These are so much fun!
I'd wear them all the time!!!

 Isn't this cat necklace adorable!
Click HERE to learn more about it!!!

I just love her store!!!!
Get over there and check it out!!
What fun!!!
I HEART this store.

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Celeste Kemmerer said...

I love that green and red lampwork bead! And the sugar beads. I made sugar beads last night, but I didn't get that much "sugar" on them...