Sunday, September 21, 2008

I Told You Before, I Like Weeds!

We've talked about weeds before. I honestly didn't realize it, but it's been very dry. I went outside and noticed the plants and bushes in my garden. Most of them were wilted and limp. (Does this tell you about my love of gardening?) Of course, I started the hose and was watering the limp plants. They did appreciate that! As I was watering, I noticed that there were bees all around me. I am highly allergic to bee stings, so I took a quick breath in. I noticed, though, that the bees were not interested in me. They were hovering and sinking into the gorgeous purple flowers attached to a (gasp!) weed. Aren't the flowers pretty? Yet, this is a weed that is growing strong in spite of dry conditions.
All right, back to the bees. The bees love these little flowers. While I was out watering, I was surrounded by big, fat bumble bees, little tiny bees, and the in between size. None of them were interested in me. They were hovering and diving into the flowers moving the pollen and taking back nectar to the hives. For once, I felt so safe among the bees. I ran upstairs to get my camera. When I got back, I this is what I found.

The photo is a bit blurry, but it was awesome to be so close to the bees. Here's another photo.

The bees were still there. Anyone know the name of this weed? I don't, but I'm sure glad it's in my back yard.


angelinabeadalina said...

I'm not sure of the name of the pretty weed, but those are great pics, Mallory. I don't even know how you could keep still amongst all those bees if you're allergic...I would've been a nervous wreck.

rosebud101 said...

Ang, you know, it was the weirdest sensation. I was totally at peace with everything. I had absolutely no fear. I could see that the bees were not interested in me. They wanted the nectar from the flowers. It was awesome!