Monday, September 1, 2008

More Sights and Sounds of Civic Fest

I'm going home tomorrow. I'm glad. I need to get back to my torch and make beads. I'm glad I volunteered to be a part of Civic Fest. It was tiring. I'm exhausted, but I'm still glad. I thought I'd end this series with more of the sights that were available to enjoy. This is not all of them, by any means. This is just a sampling of what I saw.

Presidential memories were available in abundance. These were some of the memorabilia from President Bush's campaign.
To be politically balanced, here are some memorabilia from Bill Clinton's campaign.

In the same area were samples of Presidential entertaining. Look at these beautiful dishes from the Bush White House!

Now, here's a dining room table set and ready for guests.

I would love to be a guest for dinner using this table!

Outside of the White House is a small sample of the Rose Garden. I only wish you could smell the fragrance of the roses. Wow!

Now, as we move away from the White House, there was an exhibit with this beautiful eagle. I was amazed at how calm she was and how close I was able to get to her. Her trainer was excellent, and you could sense the bond between them.

At another part of the exhibit was this eagle's nest. I was amazed at how big it was! I only wish you could see something to give you an idea of the size of this nest!

One of the fun things to do at Civic Fest was to go to the "Oval Office" and sign a bill into law. I did it! Here's the photo. You can see I was busy on the phone!

If ever I can figure out how to put the video of me being "sworn into office," I will do it. However, we tried last night and could not do it. That was something you could do and was sponsored by C-Span.

There were many more sights and sounds of Civic Fest. I wish I had room to show them all. I'm glad I was able to participate. However, I am really looking forward to going home tomorrow. It will be good. I have a little bit more to show you about my adventures with Civic Fest. I'll do that tomorrow, and, who knows? You might be able to see a video, too. We'll see.


angelinabeadalina said...

You look very much in command of the place behind that desk, Madame President! Glad you've had a fun time, glad you get to go home soon, too...there's no place like home, now is there?

Right Turn ArtWerks said...

Mallory, this looks like a wonderful event to have been a part of. We went to Washington a couple of years ago and I loved it!! Saw as many sites as we could get in. I must have looked like a kid in a candy store watching the big pillars come out of the ground infront of the White House. I'm so easily amused sometimes. And I missed the guy who tried to jump the fence by about 10 minutes, shucks! I miss all the excitement.

My husband was asked to do an ornament for the White House tree during Clinton's administration too. We have a beautiful photo of the tree.

Ah, and finally my first encounter with Secret Service was when we visited Chicago and stayed at the Hilton. Carter was president and when we were leaving it was so eerie when we pulled up to get out bags. No other cars/ and guys in suits with ear plugs. I thought security at the hotel had caught a criminal. But, it was us! The doorman bent down and told me to take my time and whispered in my ear..."See the limo in the street?" Ah Huh!..Well, President Carter is just waiting for you to leave and then he'll pull up." I was in awe.

Okay, those are my side door to fame White House stories.

Hugs to you and a spiritual foot rug for your sore tootsies.

Maggie said...

Mallory, You look good behind that desk. Glad it is over for you and you can take away some fond memories. Glad the torch is calling your name.

rosebud101 said...

I really am glad to have been a part of it. My back feels better today and so do my feet! DD will be coming home in about 2 weeks, and we are going to try again to get the dvd on blogger. We're still not sure, but we are going to try.

Deronda G said...

Amazing! I'm glad you are going home to torch, but what an amazing adventure. You do look at home behind that huge desk.

susanlambert said...

Rosebud for president! Looks like a great trip. :-)

Linda said...

You look good behind that desk! I bet your solving world peace by way of bead trade or something like that! Wampum beads! Yes, thats it!

rosebud101 said...

Linda, you might be on to something! Instead of war, make beads! The best beads win and no one gets hurt! I like that idea!