Thursday, September 11, 2008

Marcy Lamberson, This Blog is for You!

Marcy Lamberson, of Studio Marcy, posted a free tutorial, yesterday, in her blog about making a cactus. Today, I took advantage of that tutorial, and I made, not only 1 cactus, but I made 4 different cacti, all influenced by Marcy, and one other artist that I will write about when I show you the photo. Marcy has a wonderful ETSY store! The beads that she makes are wonderful and whimsical! I love her store! It's full of sculptures that depict her view of life! Great! I studied Marcy's tutorial and went to work this morning. For my first cactus, I followed her wonderful directions, pretty much, the way she wrote them. Here's the result of that effort. I think it's rather pretty. It's not that bad. I think I'll wear it with a great deal of enjoyment. Thank you, Marcy.

I decided to make another one, wanting to make this design more "mine." I decided that a prickly pear cactus would be the way to go. It was fun. It was easy, and I still benefited from Marcy's instruction. I like it. It's just a little bigger than I planned on making. I think it would look better in a grouping with small succulents and cacti.

As my morning went on, my dog started whining because he was afraid of the carbon monoxide detector beeping. Yes, that beep does scare Spike, and his whining drives me crazy. So, my mood changed. These next two beads are the result of that mood change.

I began to make another cactus following Marcy's tutorial. This time I changed colors of glass from a pea green to a darker green. I added the flowers, then, I thought, this cactus needs something else. So, I added eyeballs to center of the flowers. I now had an alien cactus. Hmmmm.
I'm so glad I'm in a much better mood and Spike has calmed down.

My last cactus was made at the end of my torching session. By then, Spike was driving me totally crazy. Although I used the basic idea for this bead came from Marcy's tutorial, I was also greatly influenced by the artist, Loco, and her wonderful Phant tutorial which is available for sale in her ETSY store. I call it my Cactus Phant. This Phant would look good? in a planter, I think. With all its eyes and mouths, I find it very interesting.
Again, this bead reflects my mood at that time.

Thank heavens, I am in a much better mood now! Again, thanks, Marcy, it was a great tutorial.


Studio Marcy - Marcy Lamberson said...

Mallory, I'm so darned proud of you. What a great job you did and I can tell you enjoyed it a lot too. Love your "evolution of the cacti". Your work is absolutely "succulent"!

rosebud101 said...

Thanks, Marcy! Your comments are most appreciated!

angelinabeadalina said...

Mallory, your Cactus Phant is a pricklicious phant with perfect personality! Tell Coach Spike he did good inspiring new ideas this time. . .but maybe he'd also better give you a few Spike hugs and kisses and woofs and keep the keeper of the chow and the walker of the dog happy :)